Italy: Coronavirus mortality rate reduced, lockdown relaxed

Italy, Europe: The lockdown was relaxed on Monday after two months in Italy. The death toll has dropped as the country has been in lockdown for so long. News Bloomberg A total of 174 people died of corona in Italy on Sunday, according to the Civil Security Agency. Where 474 people died the day before.

The number of new victims has also started to decrease. Coronavirus was detected in the bodies of 1,900 people on Saturday, down from 1,369 on Sundayn. On Monday 4th May, 1,221 people were infected. Which is less than before.

Coronavirus has killed 28,884 people in Italy during Europe’s longest lockdown, the second highest death toll in the world after the United States.

It is said that the death rate in Italy has started declining since March 10. The country’s prime minister has implemented a lockdown to reduce the death toll.

So far, 210,717 people have been infected in the country. And 81,654 people returned home healthy. The BBC reports that this is the first country to order people from all over the country to be kept at home.

The country’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte, has said the lockdown will be lifted “depending on the moderation of the transition.”

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