Terrorist attack in Kashmir kills three Indian soldiers

India, Asia: At least three soldiers have been killed in an attack on a Central Paramilitary Force (CRPF) patrol in Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir. A CRPF patrol in Handwara, Kashmir, was hit by a terrorist attack on Monday, April 4.

Earlier on Saturday, at least five members of the security forces, including a major in the country’s army, were killed during a rescue operation when terrorists took civilians hostage in Handwara.

According to Indian media NDTV, the terrorists carried out the attack targeting the CRPF patrol in Handwara. Later, gunfire erupted between the terrorists and members of the security forces.

Officials said other security units were deployed in the area shortly after the attack. A CRPF official said the shelling was still going on in Handwara. Several of us have suffered casualties.

Saturday’s attack killed five members of the security forces, including a major and a colonel. Five members of the police and army conducted a joint operation to rescue the hostages. The CRPF said two terrorists were also killed at the time.

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