Kim spread rumors of his own death to recognize the traitor

North Korea: One of the mysteries of the world is the name of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. He came to the last discussion without coming in public for about three weeks. Rumors that he died of a heart attack or corona also spread around the world. However, experts believe that Kim himself spread rumors of his death to identify the traitors in the government. This was stated in a report of the British media The Daily Star.

North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un appeared in public on Friday, almost 20 days after rumors of his death surfaced. On the same day, Kim attended the opening ceremony of a fertilizer factory in Sancheon, near the capital Pyongyang. Earlier, several media outlets reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was in critical condition. Many media outlets also claimed that Kim had died.

James Moro, the Australian correspondent for the UK-based Sky News, said: “Kim has identified the traitors through rumors of his death. He wants to see who can take his place. James Moro’s idea is that Kim Jong Un will now make arrests against those who are considered traitors. And in this way he will be able to stay in power for a long time.

Natasha Lindstay, a professor at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom, said: “I think some people will soon be punished in North Korea. Professor Natasha Lindstead also fears that North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un could inflict severe punishment on a number of government officials.

Earlier, rumors were circulating that Kim had died or was seriously ill. There is speculation in various media around the world about this. His death has been reported in some reports. But South Korean government officials have repeatedly said Kim is alive and well. Source: Daily Star UK.

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