China lied about origin of coronavirus, intelligence report says

Coronavirus: A report of the intelligence alliance called ‘Five Eyes’ has been leaked. There, it is claimed, China has lied to the world about the source of the virus. Those who first spoke about the virus have disappeared, and China has refused to hand over samples of the virus to Westerners so that they cannot develop vaccines.

The 15-page explosive report also indicated that the virus had spread from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. China initially rejected the claim as a conspiracy theory. They insisted the virus came from the local marine fish market. At the same time, a senior intelligence source told Fox News that most intelligence agencies believe the Cavid-19 was created in Uhan Lab, but that it was accidentally spread outside.

Five Eyes is a coalition of the top five English-speaking countries – the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. They share intelligence among themselves. The coalition report blamed China for spreading the virus, calling it an “attack on international transparency.”

The report on how China spread the epidemic around the world said that China had given false information about the virus from the beginning. They have hidden the fact that the virus is contagious to humans. As a result, it has spread rapidly. They also censored growing evidence of incomplete carriers of the virus and denied handing over samples to other countries.

Yet Beijing has denied it until January 20

In early December, Beijing sought to stop the spread of the virus informaion on the Internet, the report said. That’s why they started censoring search engines. The World Health Organization has complied with China’s claim and has denied human-to-human transmission of the virus, despite concerns from neighboring countries.

The coalition of intelligence has found that China has evidence of human transmission of the virus since early December. Yet Beijing has denied it until January 20.

The document indicates that China has imposed travel bans on domestic travelers across the country, but has called for continued travel to other countries in the world. This is evidence of a clear desire to spread the virus.

Was the novel coronavirus created in Wuhan Lab? This is the biggest question in the whole world now. The US president has claimed that the deadly virus had leaked from Wuhan’s virology laboratory. He has threatened to demand large compensation from China for this. However, China has dismissed the Americans’ claim as a conspiracy theory. Source: New York Post.

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