Tom Moore received 125,000 greeting cards on his birthday

UK News: Tom Moore, who served as captain during World War II, reached the age of 100 on April 30. On this occasion, two warplanes were flown over his house to show respect. Another 125,000 birthday greeting cards have arrived. The queen also sent one of them.

According to CBS News, Tom Moore has recently raised money for health workers. According to the BBC, Tom Moore is considering raising funds at this age to help his country’s National Health Service (NHS). So far, Tom Moore has collected $40 million.

Tom Moore received 125,000 greeting cards on his birthday. Image-CNN

Tom lives in the village of Marston Moretein, Bedfordshire, UK. He planned to walk in the back garden of his house on April 6. It was not at all easy for a centenarian to walk every day in such a small place of 82 feet length. Because he has to take the help of a kind of walker to walk so much. Yet Tom did not hesitate. About 40 million dollars has been raised from that walk.

The Guardian reports that Tom Moore has been appointed honorary colonel on the occasion of his 100th birthday. That’s how 99-years-old Captain Tom now walks. Tom Moore is very happy to be able to raise money for the country’s health workers. His goal was to raise a total of $1,200. However, he is surprised that it has reached $40 million.

Tom Moore was born in West Worcestershire, UK. He was a civil engineer before joining the army during World War II. At that time, Tom served in India and Burma and was promoted to captain.

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