Couple in Philippines names newborn baby ‘Covid’

Philippines, Asia: Due to the global pandemic coronavirus, people have become familiar with several words. These are Corona, Lockdown, Quarantine and Covid. Although the words are terrifying, but many have named their newborn baby as a blessing. After the corona, virus, lockdown, it was known to name the newborn ‘Covid’. According to Star News, a couple from the Philippines have named their newborn daughter ‘Covid Mary’. The incident took place in the town of Bacolod in the Philippines.

On April 13, a woman named Colin Tabesa gave birth to a baby girl. They have to suffer a lot in giving birth to this child in a severe lockdown. And to commemorate this special day of the Corona Crisis, the child’s father John Tupas named his child Covid Mary. After uploading the name of the child on social media, many people did not take it well. Tupas has been the victim of criticism ever since.

Covid’s father John Tupas said many may not have realized the pain of giving birth to a child at this time. However, all the troubles are gone when you see the child’s face. I named my daughter Covid to remind her that Covid-19 did not come just to cause misery. It has also given us a message of well-being and happiness now. However, I am not listening to any of the critics. My only goal now is to make my daughter a better person.

A few days ago, two mothers in India named their newborns Corona Kumar and Corona Kumari. A couple of migrant workers in the country have named their child Lockdown. Earlier, a mother named her twin child Corona and Virus in Mexico.

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