British PM Boris Johnson became a father without getting married

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fiancee Carrie Symonds gives birth to baby boy. Such information was found in the BBC news on Wednesday. A spokesman for the prime minister and his aides said both the mother and the child were healthy.

Boris Johnson, who recently recovered from Corona, was present at a London hospital during childbirth. The spokesman added that Boris and Symonds thanked the midwives of the National Health Service.

This is the first time an unmarried couple has been together on Downing Street, the report said. Earlier, Johnson(age-55) and Carrie Symonds (age32) announced in March that they were expecting a baby early in the summer. They got engaged late last year.

Carrie Symonds said in an Instagram post at the time that her engagement to Prime Minister Boris Johnson was completed later this year. The child of Boris in her womb.

According to the BBC, Carrie Simmonds is the youngest ‘companion’ of any Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in its 174-year history. Carrie Symonds will be Boris Johnson’s third wife. He has divorced his two wives before. In 2018, Boris Johnson signed a divorce with his second wife, Marina Wheeler.

They were married in 1993 and have four children. Incidentally, Tony Blair and David Cameron became fathers of children while they were prime ministers.

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