Crowds of people on the beach in California at Lockdown

US (INT News): The focal point of the coronavirus is now the United States. The country is at the top in terms of attacks and deaths. That’s why people in California, like other states in the United States, have been instructed to stay indoors to prevent coronavirus infections. Public gatherings have been asked to be avoided. But local time on Saturday (April 25), two beaches in California were overflowing with people.

CNN Online reports that people rushed to the beach to escape the intense heat. Although the beach authorities discouraged them, it did not help. People started gathering on the beach in defiance of the lockdown.

The beaches in Los Angeles and San Diego County, California are closed. However, Ventura and Orange County beaches are open. The beaches of these two counties were crowded on Saturday.

But Ventura and Orange County beach authorities say they have repeatedly urged people to maintain social distance. The people who came to the beach responded positively.

The California Meteorological Department reported the heatwave on Friday, local time. There was intense heat in Los Angeles on Saturday. However, the heat has started to decrease since Sunday.

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