The woman who was vaccinated in the UK is healthy

UK, Europe (INT News): A team of researchers from Oxford University in London, UK, experimentally administered the coronavirus vaccine to humans last Thursday. The vaccine was given to two people, one of whom was Dr. Elisa Granato. Recently, false news spread that she had died due to vaccination.

The BBC’s health correspondent Fergus Walsh says the news is a rumor. Dr. Elisa Elisa is well, healthy. Granato spoke with him for a few minutes on Skype on Sunday (April 26) morning, Walsh said.

Dr. Elisa Granato is a microbiologist by profession. She said she is very well. Dr. Elisa is enjoying the beautiful sun.

He told the BBC that Dr Elisa had group chats online with her family members and assured them that they would not panic if they saw the news of her death anywhere.

Rumors of Dr. Elisa’s death spread from a website on Saturday (April 25). Professor Andrew Pollard, head of the Oxford Vaccine Program, is leading the first human body vaccine experiment.

He said such rumors would create problems in trying to deal with the epidemic. Such rumors cannot be allowed to spread.

Dr. Elisa was the first person in Europe to be vaccinated against coronavirus for the first time last Thursday.

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