Coronavirus testing is allowed at pharmacies in New York

New York in the United States has now become the epicenter of the Corona epidemic. Hospitals are not accommodating patients. It is difficult to examine the suspect. In such a situation, the governor of the state has announced that the virus can be tested in pharmacies or drug stores in New York. News from the BBC

Corona has infected 980,000 people in the United States so far. 53751 people lost their lives. One-third of the dead were in New York City. In the midst of such dire circumstances, state Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided that pharmacies will also be allowed to test for more coronavirus detection. As many as 5,000 pharmacies across the state of New York were approved on Saturday, April 25. The governor hopes that it will be possible to test 40,000 people daily.

In a briefing on Saturday, Cumo said arrangements have been made for four more government hospitals for coronavirus (COVID-19) test. Individual pharmacies have also been approved so that they can collect samples for corona testing. He said the hospitals are still not accommodating patients. So he urged the city dwellers to stay at home in compliance with the lockdown.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump gave a briefing on Corona on Saturday. On Thursday, he gave birth to controversy by suggesting the use of corona injectable antiseptic injections and the use of ultraviolet rays. He did not speak much about Coronavirus that day after widespread criticism on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and warnings from doctors about his advice

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