Coronavirus: The death toll has risen to 200,000 worldwide

Coronavirus (COVID-19): The death toll from the deadly coronavirus has exceeded 200,000 worldwide. As of Saturday, April 26, the virus had killed 206,029 people, according to Johns Hopkins University. The virus, which spread from Wuhan, China, at the end of December, has so far infected 2,865,938 people worldwide. The United States tops the list in terms of both attacks and deaths. Although originated in China, deaths and infections have been on the rise in Europe since the outbreak began.

For the first time in late March, coronaviruses killed more than a thousand people worldwide in a single day. But now on an average it is more than 7 thousand per day. After the United States, most of the top countries for coronavirus deaths are in Europe. 26384 in Italy, 22902 in Spain, 22245 in France, 20319 in the United Kingdom, 6917 in Belgium, 5805 in Germany and 4409 in the Netherlands.

Coronavirus leaves 50,000 dead in US

The death toll from the new coronavirus (Covid-19) has risen to more than 50,000 in the United States. Johns Hopkins University said in a statement on Friday. The worst of the Covid-19 epidemic is currently sweeping the United States. The BBC Online reports, quoting Johns Hopkins University, that 1,959 people have died in the United States in the past 24 hours. There have been 870,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country.

The White House says the United States has a lower death rate than any other European country, but it surpassing all other countries in terms of numbers. Many deaths have been added to it, which is not certain whether it is due to the virus. The death toll from the virus is thought to have risen sharply in recent months.

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