Terrible famine awaits at the end of Coronavirus: United Nations

The United Nations says a terrible famine awaits the end of the coronavirus epidemic Food shortages have already begun in a large part of the world. And soon it will take the form of famine. Famine has already started in some areas. If immediate action is not taken, the world will witness a terrible famine. Many people will die without food.

“Human civilization is at its worst since World War II,” said Gordon Bixler, executive director of the United Nations World Food Program. War in several countries, including Syria and Yemen, locust infestations in Africa, natural disasters and economic recessions in Lebanon, Congo, Sudan and Ethiopia. With all this, the Corona epidemic is pushing the world to the brink of famine. “

He added, “Around 830 million people in the world go to bed at night with extreme hunger.” About 135 million people are not able to eat. Due to the Corona situation, another 130 million people will face famine by the end of 2020. He said the World Food Program is delivering food to 100 million people. 30 million people are living on this project.

The executive director of the United Nations World Food Program was attacked by corona a few days ago. He has recovered and returned to work. Experts are seeing the lightning signal in his warning.

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