No need to make phone calls in New York for unemployment allowances

US News (INL): Thousands of people are desperate to call the Labor Department every day to get unemployment allowance in New York. From now on they will not have to call again. Within 3 days of applying, the Department of Labor will call itself.

That’s why a thousand call centers have started work. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told the media at a press briefing Thursday afternoon. Google is cooperating in this process.

Cuomo says you will get an allowance from the time you are unemployed. Let us know if our new system is working for you. Tell us your thoughts in this e-mail.

The biggest problem with the New York State Department of Labor unemployment application is that many applicants were asked to call the department to verify their details after filing for unemployment online. Due to insufficient manpower, millions of phones could not be answered.

The state of New York said Thursday that 810,000 people have applied for unemployment allowance so far. Of these, 600,000 applications have been processed. More than 200,000 applications are still under uncertainty.

Many New Yorkers who have applied for the weekly unemployment allowance have called this reporter a thousand times in the Labor Department.

New applications will be fully available on the New York State Department of Labor’s department website Thursday evening. Unemployment allowance will now (April12) be available for up to 39 weeks. That was before Wednesday for 26 weeks. The Department of Labor has stated that each applicant will receive an additional six hundred dollars beyond the conventional benefits.

In the United States, the unemployment rate was 3.5 percent before the coronavirus epidemic. Now it is 13 percent.

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