Saudi-led coalition announces two-week ceasefire in Yemen

Middle East (INL): Saudi Arabia-led coalition announces two-week ceasefire in Yemen in the wake of the Coronavirus epidemic. The BBC online reported Thursday. In response to the UN initiative, the countries have taken this step of ceasefire. The ceasefire is expected to take effect from Thursday, April 9.

Western countries support the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen. The coalition has been fighting Iran-backed Houthi rebels since 2015. Although the war ceasefire is only for two-week, it is not certain whether the Houthi rebels will comply with the ceasefire.

For a few days, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has been sending peace messages to the warring parties in various places.He mentioned in the message that everyone should now give up arms and fight the coronavirus epidemic.

The Saudi-led coalition’s aggression over the past five years has caused humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. In addition to many people being without homes, thousands have died. The country is suffering from severe food crisis. No corona disease has been identified in the country. But if the epidemic spreads to the war-torn country, the UN is warning that its consequences will be dire.

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