China opens Wuhan at the end of 76-day lockdown

China, Asia (INL): The lockdown has been lifted after 76 days from the source of the coronavirus. The virus first spread to the city at the end of last year. Later, it was the cause of thousands of deaths worldwide. According to CNN news, There will still be some restrictions in place after the lockdown is lifted. City authorities have cautioned that the possibility of a new coronavirus infection is not over.

The city of 11 million people was isolated from the rest of the world since January 23. The unprecedented decision was made to prevent the spread of the outbreak. However, with the increase in the number of people infected in the Chinese mainland, it is feared that another stream of infections may begin. For that reason only healthy people have been allowed to leave the city. In the capital city of Hubei province, only three cases of newly confirmed infection have occurred in the last 21 days.

About 55,000 people are expected to leave the train on Wednesday. More than 10,000 travelers have left the city so far since the flight started at Tianhe Airport in Wuhan. However, flights from the capital to Beijing and overseas flights have not yet begun.

“Today I am going home, I am very happy,” said Liu Xiaomin, a worker standing in the city of Xiangjiang. However, the residents of the city have been urged not to leave their residential areas, cities and even provinces without much need. Reuters reported that, People traveling from Wuhan to Beijing will have to undergo a two-way virus test.

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