NZ will assist in evacuating people from coronavirus stricken cruise ship

World News (INL): A cruise ship called The Greg Mortimer is stuck on the coast of Uruguay in the South American country. It has been decided to remove the passengers from Australia and New Zealand. The two countries will take back their citizens on Thursday, April 9th. About 60 percent of travelers in this community have been infected with the novel coronavirus.

News agencies AFP and CNN reported that the cruise ship has citizens from several other European-American countries, including Britain. They have also requested to return home for treatment due to infection.

Of the 217 passengers and crew of The Greg Mortimer ship, 128 were infected with coronavirus. The cruise ship is operated by Aurora Expeditions in Australia. On March 15, the ship sailed from Australia to British-owned South Georgia island of Antarctica. Earlier this month, the ship’s passengers began to suffer coronavirus.

Despite being requested by several countries, the ship finally found a place on the coast of Uruguay. In addition to the ship, the coronavirus spread to two other vessels. One of these was anchored off the coast of Japan and the other on the US coast. Later the passengers were removed from the cruise ship.

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