Dr. Fauci says ‘We are not going back to normal’

Coronavirus (INL): US health expert Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci says, We are not going back to normal. Even when the epidemic situation is gone. He added that the normal situation will not return and the people are not fully protected until an effective vaccine is being made against Coronavirus. Fauci made the statement in the White House on Tuesday. Earlier in a statement, Fauci said the coronavirus is likely to return repeatedly without having to be easily eradicated and contain the nature of seasonal flu. News Al Jazeera.

The global pandemic coronavirus has spread to all regions and countries of the world right now. Lockdown continues to prevent infection. More than 3 Billions people are detained. The economy is collapsing. An unusual situation is prevailing around the world. Infection and death are at the top. Doctors and nurses around the world are struggling to cope with COVID-19 patients. According to the University of Washington, the death toll in the United States could rise to 81,000 by next August. In such a situation, Coronavirus scientist Fauci said the situation may improve slowly in the country.

The normal state of the former will not return. He said, “If you want to go back to your previous state, that probably never happens again”. Explaining the statement, he added, ‘return to normal’ means a condition where there is no coronavirus crisis. But as long as we have the capability or situation to protect all our people, I don’t think that will ever be possible. In the end, the situation can be normal if one is implemented.

Coronavirus is likely to return again

Fauci, director of the US National Allergy and Infectious Disease Institute, has previously warned about corona. He made this comment on Tuesday (April 7), “This year the coronavirus is unlikely to be completely eradicated from the earth.”

This means that the virus may regenerate in the next flu season in the United States. It could build another cycle. ”Although the virus is likely to come back again, the US is doing better than ever in preparation”, said Fauci. He also adding, “The US has made a vaccine, and clinical trials have begun. ” Once the trial is over, new medical treatment procedures will be initiated. ”The World Health Organization said it was not time to slow the fight against coronavirus.

It cannot be taken away from the drastic measures right now. World Health Organization spokeswoman Christina Ludmeier says, ”one of the most important things is, that now is not the time to step down. It’s like getting out of bed before it’s healed.”

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