Boris Johnson’s pregnent girlfriend suffers from coronavirus

UK, Europe (INL): British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been infected with coronavirus on March 28. A week later, his pregnent girlfriend also suffered from coronary disease. Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds confirmed on her Twitter account Sunday that she had been in quarantine at her home for the past seven days after suffering from coronavirus. News The Daily Mail.

Boris Johnson has been on isolation since being infected with coronas. In the meantime, 32-year-old Carrie Symonds also suffered from coronas. She said that on April 5. She wrote on Twitter – for the past week I have been in bed with the main symptoms of coronavirus.

However, I do not need a test. After a week of rest I regain strength and my body has recovered a lot. Just months ago, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he was soon going to marry his pregnent girlfriend Carrie Symonds. But after a week, everything has changed.

Five weeks ago, Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson announced that they were going to be parents and bound to get married this summer. But the coronavirus has now pushed everything into uncertainty.

Carrie writes about the tweet – She’s very worried about the coronavirus being pregnant. To all the other women I would say – try following each of your latest updated guidelines.

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