Germany’s Westfalen Stadium is now Corona Hospital

Germany, Europe (INL): All activities suspended due to pandemic coronavirus. All countries of the world have withdrawn from all kinds of sports. Because of this, the stadiums that were full of visitors were now turned into deserts. England, India and Brazil have used these stadiums in coronavirus situations.

They are using the stadiums as temporary hospitals because of the closure of the game. This time, Germany is on the list of Corona’s most distressed country. The Westfalen, the country’s largest football stadium, has been turned into a Corona hospital. Corona patients have begun treatment at the stadium since Saturday, April 4, CNN reported.

The media reported that patients with newly refractory corona symptoms will be examined daily at 12:30 pm to 4 pm at The Westfales Stadium and will receive appropriate treatment. ‘The Westfalen’ Stadium is originally the grounds of Borussia Dortmund. It is called ‘Signal Iduna Park’. The Dortmund Club released a formal notice on Friday about leaving the stadium for Corona.

They wrote in the notice, ‘No football since Saturday; The gallery on the north side of Signal Iduna Park will be used to fight coronavirus. People with corona symptoms will be treated here. Germany, as well as Italy, Spain, and France, also has a pandemic of coronavirus. So far 91,159 people have been infected with coronavirus in Germany, according to data from the International Survey of Worldometers. Besides, 1275 people died and 25575 were healed.

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