Coronavirus spread to US Theodore Roosevelt

US News (INL): Novel coronavirus spread to nuclear warhead Theodore Roosevelt. In an emotional letter, the captain has requested more than 4,000 crew members to be rescued from the virus. Coronavirus has been identified on several bodies of Roosevelt’s crew. On Tuesday, March 31, the United States newspaper San Francisco Chronicle first published the news. However, the report did not mention exactly how many sailors in Theodore Roosevelt were infected with coronavirus.

The battlefield is anchored in the Pacific island of Guam. The island is under the United States. The news agency Reuters said the battlefield has been anchored in Guam since the coronavirus was detected in the sailors a week ago. Capt. Brett Crozier’s U.S. Defense Department sent a four-page letter to the Pentagon requesting the rescue of the sailors. He wrote in the letter, “We are not at war now”. Sailors do not want to die. If no arrangements are made to remove the sailors now, a catastrophic situation could arise. In the situation created, not all sailors have the option of being isolated (isolated from others).

But the captain mentioned in the letter that there was not enough room for the sailors on the battlefield. Because there is a shortage of sailors’ accommodation. The captain feared that all of the sailors could be infected if they could not manage the isolation of the victims. He sent the letter to the authorities concerned on March 30. In such a case, the US Navy has said that action will be taken to protect the sailors of Theodore Roosevelt very soon.

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