Coronavirus: 800,000 infected, 41,000 died worldwide

Coronavirus (INL): The number of deaths from coronavirus is increasing. Data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States says that as of 1st April, 41,261 lives have been lost to Corona worldwide. The spread of the virus to 199 countries has affected 838,061 people. The virus, which spread to China in late December, has created a dire situation in the entire world in three to four months. Johns Hopkins University data says 175,737 patients with corona disease have recovered so far. The center of the outbreak of coronavirus is now Europe, but the United States is on the verge of being infected. So far 177,452 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the country. And in Italy the number is 105,792. Spain is another European country after Italy. The country has so far identified 94,471 total patients.

In both of these European countries, the coroner was hit hard. The number of dead people is quickly rising in Italy. So far 12428 people have died in the country. On the other hand, the number of dead people in Spain is 8269. Only 849 people died in Spain on March 31. France is not behind the procession of death. The death toll in France is 3523. Infected patients have been identified in the country 52891. France was followed by Italy and Spain above all the dead. This number is higher than in China.

So far in China, the number of dead people is 3187. The country where the COVID-19 virus originated is 82278. Meanwhile, the United States has overtaken China. The country has 3415 dead people so far. In the UK, 25474 patients with coronavirus have been found. The number of dead people in the country is 1789. The Netherlands also numbered 1039 people. 51 people were affected in Bangladesh. Healed 25 people, 5 dead. The number of people infected in India is 1397. 35 people died. The number of people infected in Pakistan is 1914, the death toll is 26. The virus has also spread to Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar.

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