Coronavirus Detection by COVID-19 Software

Technology (INL): A group of medical scientists at the University of Sydney, Australia have developed a software tool for the detection of coronavirus. Coronavirus can be easily identified with this tool. And this facility can be taken online from anywhere in the world for free. A special report was published yesterday in the Sydney Morning Herald, Australia’s leading magazine. It was recently noted that medical scientists at the University of Sydney, Australia have developed a diagnostic software tool to help diagnose coronavirus patients quickly. With this software, health workers can easily detect coronavirus (COVID-19) by checking the chest scan of the patient’s chest.

This tool has been made available free of cost to all doctors of the world through the Internet. Any doctor anywhere in the world can use this tool by registering at website. Professor Patrick Brennan, a radiation medical scientist at the University of Sydney, says health workers can save thousands of lives by using this software called Covid. On the other hand, Stuart Grieve, a professor at the University of Sydney, who co-authored the software, says the software will not only make detection easier, but also provide better treatment. Because symptoms of other lung conditions will be identified, it can be easily treated if there is something complicated.

The latest case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Australia

The number of coronaviruses in Australia is increasing daily. However, the line of attack is flat. Many expressed satisfaction. As of Tuesday, March 31, the total number of victims was 4558. The death toll was 19. According to the latest reports, 917 have been reported for Victoria in Australia, 743 in Queensland, 337 in South Australia, 364 in Western Australia, 80 in Canberra, 69 in Tasmania and 15 in Northern Territory. Meanwhile, New South Wales state authorities have taken drastic measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. If someone gets out of the house without any reasonable work, they may be fined $ 11,000 or 6 months in jail.

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