China lost 20 million mobile subscribers due to coronavirus

Technology (INL): Prior to the coronavirus, the number of mobile users in China was 1600 million. But in the last two months, the country has dropped 21.4 million subscribers. The deadly Novel Coroner originated in Wuhan, China, in late December last year. And from January this year, the customer started to decline. Bloomberg, a US-based news media, has published a report on the data analysis of three Chinese mobile phone operators’ websites.

According to Bloomberg, China Mobile Limited has lost 8 million customers in January and February this year. 7.8 million SIMs are closed by Chinese Unicom Hong Kong Limited. And the Chinese Telecom Corporation lost 5.6 million customers. That is, in the two months of the Corona situation, all the 21.4 millions customers lost in China.

Sudden customer decline analysis

Meanwhile, the three mobile phone operators have been in danger of losing a large number of customers. This has affected the company’s share price of three. Shares of these three companies have fallen in the international stock market. According to the report, Bloomberg reported that China Telecom shares lost 6.3 percent on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, China Mobile Limited lost 2.7 percent and China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd lost 6.4 percent. But last year, the share of the three mobile operators in China was up.

Chris Lane, an analyst at Sanford Sea Bernstein & Company, a brokerage house in the US, told Bloomberg about the sudden drop in subscribers: “It’s normal for the Coronavirus to happen.” In the last three months, China was blocked and isolated. During these three months, many foreign workers returned to their home countries. Tourist places were closed there. China was absolutely tourist free. Because of this, a large number of customers have fallen. Second, many Chinese people move from one area to another. Those employees are given mobile numbers from their respective organizations. Many have migrated to their area due to coronavirus. That’s why the numbers from the organization are currently closed. All of a sudden these customers are lost for these reasons. ‘

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