Coronavirus: 30880 deaths worldwide, 662740 affected

Coronavirus infections are jumping around the world. At the same time, death is on the rise. So far, the death toll has exceeded 30,000 worldwide. Most of it is in Italy and Spain. According to WorldMeter data, as of Sunday 29th March, 662,740 people have been infected with corona in 199 countries and regions of the world. 30880 people died. Of the victims, 142,183 have recovered. Most people in Corona died in Italy. The country lost 10,023 lives till Saturday. 92,472 people affected. The United States is the first country with a coronavirus population of 113,677. The death toll is also increasing. 1903 died.

However, mortality rates are still lower than in some countries in Italy and Europe. Coronavirus has 26,697 cases in the state of New York. In the 24 hours, 144 died in New York, 175 in Washington and 119 in Louisiana. 500 members of the New York Police have also been attacked in Corona. The United States surpasses China and Italy in the total number of attacks. Italy surpasses China. Spain also surpassed China after Italy in the death toll. The number of victims in China is 81,394. 3295 people died. A further 260 people died in the UK yesterday from coronavirus infection. This is the highest increase in the number of deaths in a single day since the virus began to be infected in the country. The death toll in the UK stands at 1019. The total number of victims increased to 1789.

86 UN workers infected with coronavirus

86 UN workers have been infected with coronavirus in various countries around the world. A spokesman for the company, Stephen Duzaric, confirmed the statement in a statement. According to the statement, most of the employees of the company were affected in different countries of Europe. In addition, several workers have been affected in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the United States. News in the New York Times. A spokeswoman for the agency said that most UN workers are currently working at home to prevent the spread of corona.

In the Geneva UN office, there are about 4000 workers each day. But on March 26, the number was just 70. In Vienna, 97 percent of the United Nations workforce is at home. On the other hand, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 99 percent of workers are working from home. Various organizations, including the United Nations, have advised their workers to work from home in the Corona crisis. Coronavirus was reported from the city of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, China in December 2019. Although more than 80,000 people have been infected in China, the outbreak has decreased. However, the prevalence of the virus is increasing in other countries of the world.

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