Coronavirus survives 9 days on mobile phones!

Health (INL): The deadly coronavirus has spread worldwide. The virus has spread to 198 countries and regions around the world. 489,547 people have been infected with the virus. And 22,500 people died from the attack. However, 117,608 people returned home healthy. The deadly virus vaccine has not yet been discovered. The only way to prevent this disease is to know and to resist. The virus spreads easily. The deadly coronavirus can also be prevented from using mobiles. This virus can survive for 9 days on mobile phones. If the virus is not released properly, people can suffer from corona for up to 9 days.

At this time everyone is being told to wash their hands properly. Washing hands with soap-water does not prevent coronavirus. But unclean hands help to spread the corona. People who use mobile; They all lend their hand to mobile several times a day. As a result, if you have coronavirus in your hands, then the corona will spread on mobile. And they put mobiles in many unclean places. As a result, mobiles can not be spread from those places. Coronavirus can be hand-to-mouth and from mobile. Therefore, it should be well cleaned before hand on mobile.

Studies have shown that corona can survive on metals, glass and plastic from one week to seven days, depending on the condition. The mobile virus can survive for up to 9 days. Griffith University’s Effective Disease and Immunology Specialist Professor Nigel Macmillan urges caution when using a mobile phone. He said that coronavirus can survive on any surface and the more humid it is, the longer it can survive. So do not leave mobile phones everywhere. Clean the phone before hand. Professor Nigel Macmillan says, clean your mobile with sanitizer. But it must contain 60 or 70 percent alcohol. If someone touches your mobile, clean it well.

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