UK will provide home test kit to detect Corona

UK News (INL): UK government plans to deliver a diagnostic kit to homes of suspected coronaviruses. Government agencies have confirmed the data in Public Health England (PHE). It is said that several thousand test kits will be sent in the first round. The Guardian reports that the new test kit can detect coronavirus at home. It will take 15 minutes. The test kits will be sent to the people who are mainly isolated due to symptoms.

Professor Sharon Peacock, director of the National Infection Service at Public Health England, said that a public inquiry would be possible within the next week. The kit will be shipped to the homes of the victims initially via Amazon. This kit will be sent only to understand if this kit will work properly.

It will be made open to the public

Sharon Peacock added that this is a type of antibody test. Not only the United Kingdom, but also several European countries are conducting this test to identify new coronaviruses. The UK government has purchased 3500,000 such test kits. Several million test kits are in the process of being purchased. The government is saying that it will be made public soon.

Those concerned say that the new test kit is a small-scale device. At one point of the finger, blood is taken from it and later analyzed in that kit. Local experts have approved the use. It is hoped that this kit will soon be available to all health workers and the general public. According to estimates by the UK Health Department, the number of new coronaviruses in the country has exceeded 8,000. Of these, 422 died. However, the actual number of people suffering from coronavirus in the country may be more, said the concerned.

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