Hajj will not be canceled because of coronavirus

Middle East (INL): Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf bin Saad al-Maliki, said the rumors that the Saudi government announced the cancellation of Hajj this year because of the coronavirus was not correct. In an interview to Urdu News, he said that if a decision was taken to cancel the Hajj, then it would also be informed in advance about what the Hajj pilgrims should do in time.

So far no such decision has been made. Referring to unemployed Pakistanis suffering from coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, Nawaf Bin Saad said flights to those who have not been cleared and those with legal departure papers will be resumed and they will be able to return to Saudi Arabia.

He added that the Saudi passport department has decided that those who could not reach Saudi Arabia without a 72-hour deadline to postpone the flight will be automatically extended their departure and return visas. Similarly, those who went to Saudi Arabia for visas or Umrah but could not return to their own country will not be fined and no legal action will be taken on the withdrawal of visas.

Nawaf bin Saad Malik said the decision was taken to stop visiting and visiting Saudi Arabia as a precautionary measure for the safety of Saudi citizens, residents and Umrah travelers. On February 2, the Saudi government temporarily suspended Omarah and tourism because of the Coronavirus. Then on March 4, payment for Omar was also temporarily suspended.

According to a report published by Saudi Gazette on social media Twitter, Saudi Arabia has temporarily halted Omarah, and temporary residents, including Saudi nationals, have been banned from going to the mosque. The tweet says the Saudi government has taken this step to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Curfew increased by 3 more hours

According to an international news agency, the recommendation of the committee to monitor the coronavirus has been temporarily halted as citizens and residents receive Omarah money. It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia is among the countries affected by the coronavirus. There have already been reports of 3 deaths and more than 900 victims.

Saudi Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Abdul Ali confirmed the death, saying the condition of a foreign patient in the emergency department of the health center was deteriorating rapidly and he died on Monday night. At a press conference, he said that on Tuesday (24th March), the number of virus infected in the country reached 767, with 205 people infected with coronas.

A day later, the number of victims increased to 900. Home Ministry spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Talal al-Shalab said the curfew was being implemented across the country on the first day. Saudi King Salman announced a curfew for 21 days across the country from 7am to 6pm on March 23 to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, considering the situation, the curfew has been extended for another 3 hours.

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