Another 793 died in Italy one day, Global cases exceed 300,000

Cronavirus (INL): The death toll in the coronavirus in Italy is increasing. There is a new record of death almost every day in the country. In the last 24 hours on Saturday, March 21, 793 people have died of coronavirus. Earlier on Friday, March 20, the number of fatalities in one day was 627, the highest in the country in one day. But Saturday’s death toll exceeded that. This is the highest death toll ever recorded in the country. In Coronavirus, the death toll in Italy rose to 4,525. Italy surpasses China’s record for Corona deaths last Thursday. The country now has 53578 people affected by coronas. According to Reuters and CNN News, Coronavirus Global Cases have exceeded 300,000. According to Johns Hopkins University and the Coronavirus Resource Center of Medicine, the number of coronaviruses worldwide now stands at 308,010.

Worldwide death toll in coronavirus is 13,050

The countries with the largest number of cases are China, Italy and Spain, respectively. The countries with the highest number of deaths, respectively, are Italy, China, and Iran. Coronavirus killed 1365 people worldwide Friday, March 20. Worldwide death toll in coronavirus is 13,050. The most deadly virus in Europe is Italy’s touristy country. The whole of Italy has now turned to death. The country’s 60,000,000 people are living captive in a sense. Coronavirus has shocked the entire world. In most countries of Europe, roads, offices, courts, shopping malls, restaurants and bars are all empty. Spectacular cities have now turned into ghost towns, while wartime emergencies continue. Fear, panic and apprehension among all.

Italian Army trucks arrives from Bergamo carrying bodies of coronavirus victims
A convoy of Italian Army trucks arrives from Bergamo carrying bodies of coronavirus victims to the cemetery of Ferrara, Italy, where they will be cremated, Saturday, March 21, 2020. The transfer was made necessary since Bergamo mortuary reached maximum capacity. For most people, the new coronavirus causes only mild or moderate symptoms. For some it can cause more severe illness, especially in older adults and people with existing health problems. (Massimo Paolone/LaPresse via AP)
Current Situation

The epidemic has almost become under control in China, where the virus originated. But outside China, the number of deaths and injuries is increasing. Especially in countries in Europe. The total number of people infected with the virus is 308,010. Of these, 108,847 have returned home. In addition, the number of victims outside China is more than 200,0000. According to the latest data, 199,163 affected patients are currently under treatment worldwide. Of them, the condition of 189,863 people is normal (stable or improving) and the remaining 9,300 are in critical condition. The death toll is 11 percent and the well-being is 89 percent.

Earlier, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Tedros Adham Gabrieus, expressed dissatisfaction, saying that governments were not taking enough steps to prevent this global pandemic. He urged governments to expand the coronavirus testing system in their respective countries. So far 185 countries have been diagnosed with corona disease.

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  • March 22, 2020 at 7:31 am

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