300 million Indian people can be infected with corona

India, Asia (INL): Coronavirus can carry epidemic form in India. A top international public health research organization has warned about this. Washington and Delhi-based Centers for Disease, Dynamics, Economics and Policy say India will be the next “hot-spot” of the coronavirus epidemic. News of the BBC.

Dr. Ramanan Laxmi Narayanan, director of the research institute, said India needs to be prepared for ‘mountains of coronavirus people’ on an urgent basis. Although mathematical formulas used to estimate the number of people infected in the United States and the UK have been applied to India, at least 30 million people are suspected of being infected.

He said that, “Of the 300 million people, 4 to 8 million people will be in dire straits who have to be taken to hospital”. What we are seeing now in Italy or Spain or as we have seen recently in China, India will have to face the same patient currents in the next few weeks. Dr Narayanan said India faces a special threat due to population density. It is to be noted that at least 206 people have been infected with coronas in India so far. In addition, 5 died of the virus and 20 were healed. Also coronavirus infected in Bangladesh rises to 17, one dead. Four people were healed.

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