Coronavirus kills 7980 people worldwide

Coronavirus (INL): The origins of the coronavirus have almost become under control in China. However, in other countries the number of deaths and injuries is increasing. Coronavirus killed 819 people worldwide in the last 24 hours (March 17th), totaling 7,980 people. News from the BBC and Al Jazeera. So far in China, the death toll is 3,237. 4,743 people have died outside China. The virus has infected 1,98,349 people worldwide. Of these 82,763 returned home. The number of victims in China is 80,898. 69,614 people returned home healthy. In addition, the number of victims outside China is 1,17,455.

There are currently 1,07,606 affected patients. Of them, 1,01,190 are in normal condition (stable or improving) and the remaining 6,414 are in critical condition. The death toll is 9 percent and the wellness rate is 91 percent. Earlier, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said. Tedros Adham Gabreysuus has expressed dissatisfaction, saying that governments are not taking enough steps to stop this global pandemic. Earlier, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Tedros Adham Gabrieus, expressed dissatisfaction, saying that governments were not taking enough steps to prevent this global pandemic.

He urged governments to further expand the coronavirus testing system in their respective countries. The number of deaths and infections is increasing daily due to coronavirus originating in China. So far, 165 coronavirus patients have been identified in 165 countries around the world. The worst situation is now in Italy. In the last 24 hours, 345 people have died. Every day for the last three days, there are 300 people dying every day. Europe’s tourist-rich country has now become a death trap.

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