Cristiano Ronaldo will play in 39 years!

Football (INL): Juventus have beaten Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid after breaking the Italian squad’s record. That went on for about two years. Now he is 35 years old. If all is well, he will be there until 37. But the old men of Turin are not satisfied with this. Ronaldo’s performance was astonishing. So Juventus wants to extend a two-year contract with him. He will remain there until the age of 39 if it comes to fruition. That is, until this time, CR Seven will play. Ronaldo is in the top of form despite Juved. He did take some time to adjust to the season, though. However, the Portuguese youngster finished the season 28 goals with one hat-trick in the knockout of the Champions League.

According to The Sun and Soccer Laduma, Ronaldo is in form this season. In the meantime, Italy’s top football league has scored 21 goals in 22 matches in Syria. He has scored 25 goals in all tournaments so far. In this is the great Juventus. So they want to extend the contract with Ronaldo for two more years. His current contract with the club is until 2022. If the term expires, that will be by 2024. Ronaldo should not be objected to. Because while in Real, he said he would like to continue professional football until the age of 41. After that, you will end up in a colorful career.

Italian news media Tuttosporte gave the good news about Ronaldo. He is very aware of fitness. His physical ability is still like that of young footballers. This is the reason why in a league like CIRA, they are scoring a goal per match even at this age. Tuttosport also said Ronaldo would gladly agree to Juventus’ offer. But only one condition – the squad should not be weakened. They have to build teams that win titles every season.

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