Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Hackers occupy Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram accounts!

A group of hackers has temporarily taken control of Facebook’s social media accounts. The hackers took control this on Friday (February 7th) afternoon. It was reported that the hacking group’s name ‘OurMine’. After hacking Facebook and Messenger’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, they wrote, “Even Facebook can be hacked.” However, currently Facebook has been restructured by the Facebook authorities.

OurMine says they have launched the attack in an attempt to highlight cyber vulnerability. In January, they hacked several accounts of the US National Football League. The group posted a statement on Facebook’s Twitter account. There it is written, ‘We are OurMine. Well, then it is possible to hack Facebook too; But their security is better than Twitter’s.

Facebook’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked through a third-party platform on Feb. 7, 2020.

They also hacked Facebook and Messenger’s Instagram account, posting a logo of the OurMine there. However, Facebook’s own website was not hacked.

Twitter confirmed that the hacking was done by a third party and that the accounts were closed after receiving the report.

Twitter authorities said in a statement, “We understand that we have closed the suspicious accounts and work with our partners on Facebook to recover them.”

Earlier, the United States National Football League was similarly hacking. The accounts were captured using a third-party or third-party platform called Khoros. Kharos is a marketing platform that business organizations use for their social media connections. Typically these platforms have their consumer login information and passwords. When asked for comment on the matter, Khoros did not inform the BBC.

OurMine is a Dubai-based hacking group that has previously attacked accounts of various corporations and high-profile individuals.

In the past, they hacked social media accounts of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai. And hacked Netflix and ESPN accounts.

The group claims that they carry out such attacks to show lack of security. They also instruct the victims and organizations to use their services to increase security.


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