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137 US Air Force suicides within a year

US NEWS (INL): Suicide numbers are rising in the United States Air Force. Last year (in 2019), the country’s 137 airmen committed suicide, a 33 percent increase over the previous year. The information came up in a report by the military website of the US military, Military.com. However, the reasons for the increase in suicide were not clear. According to analysts, the unjust invasion of the United States in many countries is one of the factors. In the wake of the killing of people in these countries, the soldiers are opting for the ultimate suicide by committing crime. Here is some interesting information that has come up with US government documents. However, no government media wants to disclose information about the suicide of active members of the US military. But reports of military.com report that the suicide rate is updated every year.

US Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personal and Services Lieutenant General Brian Kelly said suicide was a complex national issue, with no easy solution. He said that suicide cases began to be recorded from 2008 and since then the highest number of suicides has been recorded in 2019. About 300 soldiers have committed suicide in the last three months of 2018, according to US military news media military.com. That is, about one hundred per month.

The US military does not report any reports of suicide. The reports made in this regard are strictly confidential. However, a source recently revealed to Military.com the last three months of 2018. Military.com said the document, which was released, says 286 soldiers committed suicide in the last three months of last year. Of these, 57 Marines, 68 sailors, 58 US Airmen and 103 were directly linked to the US Army.


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