Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Trump is not being removed from power

US News (INL): There was talk that Trump would reject the indictment charge against Trump and vote for him to be acquitted. Changing that decision, the Republican leadership has now decided that the final vote will be at four o’clock next Wednesday, Washington. Two and a half days before that, members of the two-party Senate, whose own votes are explained, will have the opportunity to make a statement.

No one expects a change in the results of this vote, either Friday or Wednesday. Trump is not being removed from power, the Democrats do not have enough votes for it. Not only that, they demanded that additional witnesses and documents be presented, but that claim was overruled on Friday. An important witness like John Bolton would have been present if four Republican senators left their party and joined the Democrats. But during the voting on that question, only two Republican senators – Mitt Romney and Susan Collins – agreed to join them. As a result, the Democratic proposal to call for additional witnesses was rejected by a vote of 51-49.

This is a big victory for President Trump. He has always claimed that he has done no wrong. Following a telephone conversation with the President of Ukraine, the lower house of the Congress delegation accuses him. Trump called it the ‘perfect call’. The vote was welcomed by the White House against new evidence and, it said the culmination of one of history’s most nascent ‘political manipulations’.

Needless to say, the Democrats disagree with this opinion. In the Senate, Democratic leader Chak Shumar called the Republicans’ use of the “tragedy.” This was the first trial in which new evidence was not allowed to appear. There is no such precedent in history, he says.

Adam Schiff, the Democrats’ chief manager in the prosecution, said the same thing. ‘Today or tomorrow, the whole truth will be revealed. The question is, will it be published before making a true decision or not. ”He argues that for the sake of justice, a person like Bolton needs to be called to testify at trial.

In the end, moderate witnesses like Lisa Murkowski and Lama Alexander alter the question because of the overwhelming pressure on Senate Leader Mitch McConnell. Pressure from the White House also puts pressure on Republican senators who are hesitant. Both Murkowski and Alexander have said that Trump may not have been fair-minded, but his removal from power is not justified in this crime. Senators Marco Rubio and Rob Portman have said the same thing.


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