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Trump’s Middle East peace deal is entirely for Israel

US News (INL): After a long delay, US President Donald Trump announced the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan on Tuesday (January 28th). The plan is almost entirely for Israel. Although he described the plan as a promise of a “new dawn”. But the Palestinians responded negatively, they remarked it as one-sided and ‘garbage of history’.

Trump announced the Middle East plan with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House East Room, AFP reported. According to him, his plan could succeed if decades of US efforts fail there.

In front of an enthusiastic audience, Trump said, “We can bring a new dawn to the Middle East together.” The visitors were Israeli and Jewish American guests in a row. No Palestinian representative was seen. They rejected the plan because of greater benefits for Israel. In particular, this agreement did not resolve the ongoing crisis in Jerusalem. The Palestinians regard Jerusalem as a holy city, calling it a future capital. However, the US plan calls for Jerusalem to be in control of Israel as the ‘undivided’ capital, rather than sharing it with the Palestinians. The plan calls for the inclusion of Israeli Jews who have been illegally formed on the West Bank.

At the event, Trump praised Israel for taking “a big step toward peace.” The plan includes a series of difficult conditions for the future Palestinian state. The plan also mentions that the future Palestinian state should remain military-free. It also spoke of the formation of Israel’s sovereignty in Israeli occupied territories.

Trump has said he will invest $ 50 billion in the future for the region, which he believes will ease the plight of Palestinians. He also stressed that Israel should never compromise on its own security. He criticized previous US diplomatic measures in this regard as baseless. Trump said his plan is 80 pages, and it has a map for future proposed neighboring states.

Palestinians have rejected it in response to angry plans. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said, “This conspiracy deal will never be implemented. Our people will throw it in the garbage of history.’ Trump is referring to the current situation. Here, Israeli-controlled territory separates the Gaza Valley and the West Bank. He pledged to build a future Palestinian state in the ‘lagoon’ part of it. However, as shown on the map, the West Bank has been linked to Israel through Jewish settlement and the only link to the Gaza Valley is through a long road tunnel.

On the most talked about topic, Trump said that Israel’s control over Jerusalem as the undisputed capital should be established. At the same time, Palestine could be declared a capital city in occupied East Jerusalem.

Hamas, which is in control of the Gaza Valley, said it would not accept any compromise on Jerusalem. People protested in the Gaza Valley and westbound streets in response to Trump’s immediate announcement of plans. Red Crescent reported that 9 people were injured in clashes with Israeli troops on the West Bank. Israeli fundamentalists were also outraged. Transport Minister Bezalel Smotrich, a radical leader of the Yemeni union, said his party would never agree to the recognition of the Palestinian state. There have been mixed reactions internationally about Trump’s plans.

Ambassadors from three Arab countries, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were also present on the occasion. They also provided some evidence to support Trump’s claim in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia praised Trump’s plan, calling for direct talks with Israel-Palestine.

Russia is a country that is expanding its capability in Middle East politics. They expressed skepticism about the plan. Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov told Russian news agencies, “We do not know whether the American proposal is acceptable or not acceptable to one another.” Netanyahu’s office said he could visit Moscow on Wednesday. There is talk of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The UK welcomes Trump’s plan. Turkey has condemned it.


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