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The death toll from the Corona virus is increasing

China, Asia (INL): The number of people infected with the new coronary virus in China is increasing. At the same time the number of dead is increasing. About 2,000 people have been infected in different countries since the virus spread from Wuhan city in Hubei province, China. All of them are Chinese citizens, except a few. And the death toll has risen to 56. All of them are Chinese nationals. Chinese President Xi Jinping called the situation serious. Chinese President Xi Jinping has organized a special meeting over the weekend to mark the new lunar year, reports the BBC Online Sunday (January 26th). He told senior officials that the country faces a ‘grave situation’. China has banned travel to some of the new virus-infected cities. Since January 26, private vehicles have been banned in the city of Wuhan, the source of the virus.

Chinese state newspaper People’s Daily says construction of a second hospital is underway to accommodate 13,000 new patients. It can take up to 15 days to build. Construction of another 1,000-bed hospital has already begun. Construction is also underway.

A special medical team has arrived at the scene. The virus first appeared in December last year. Concerns about the virus are rising in many countries, including China. New lunar year began on Saturday in China. Although it is one of the major festivals in China, but  many New Year’s events have been canceled due to the new coronavirus. Among those traveling to China, those with fever have been tested. Several city train stations have been closed. The highest level of emergency has been declared in Hong Kong and school holidays have been extended. And the countries where the coronary virus has been identified, they are being treated separately.

The hospitals in Wuhan city have seen a significant increase in the number of patients infected with the Corona virus. First it starts with a fever and dry cough. After a week, it is transformed into breathing frequently. After breathing. In many cases pneumonia is. Many suffer from pneumonia. There is no specific treatment or vaccine or drug. This type of virus has never been seen before. That is why it’s named ‘2019-Encove’ or ‘Novel Coronavirus’. It has spread to humans from marine animals. Then spread from person to person. The virus is characterized by severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS virus. In 2003, the outbreak of the SARS virus began. The virus is first spread to the bats and later transferred to the cat. Then it spreads to humans. There were widespread fatalities in China over the SARS virus.

Lancaster University in the UK has released an estimate based on the number of people infected. This year, the number of people infected with the new virus may be 11,000. If so, it would exceed the number of SARS-affected. Coronavirus patients have been identified in Australia. The first one was identified in Melbourne, yet three more patients have been identified in Sydney. It is also spread in Europe. Three patients have been identified in France. Two patients have been identified in the United States. In the UK, 31 people were suspected of having the virus, but the virus did not appear in the test. The United Kingdom is trying to identify more than 2,000 people who recently arrived from China’s Hubei province. Neighboring Asian countries are at high risk for the Chinese virus. Already in Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea and Nepal, the virus has been identified.


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