EU leaders sign UK Brexit deal

Europe News (INL): For the last three years there have been various problems surrounding the UK’s separation from the European Union. Now a lot of that is going to happen silently. The top two leaders of the European Union (EU) have formally signed a Brexit Treaty with the United Kingdom. Those are European Commission President Arsula Wonder Lyon and European Council President Charles Michael. The separation is scheduled to take place at midnight (11pm in the UK) on January 31 in central Europe. On Friday (January 24th) they signed the much-discussed separation agreement at the Europa Building in Brussels without any reservation. In a brief statement, Charles Michael said: ‘Certainly a lot will change. But our friendship will survive. As partners and allies, we are about to start a new chapter. ‘

In another tweet, Wonder Lyon said: “Charles Michael and I have just signed a separation agreement with the EU. This opened the way for the agreement to be approved by the European Parliament. ” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will now formally sign the agreement on behalf of the UK. Earlier on Thursday, the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee approved the 600-page agreement. The agreement is expected to be finalized next Wednesday (January 29) in the European Parliament. In the 2016 referendum, people in the UK voted to leave the EU.  Both sides have to face many problems for three and a half years to implement this separation on the basis of consensus. UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been forced to resign after failing to fulfill the desired Brexit deal. The rise of Brexit leader Boris Johnson emerged. Retired at the expiration of power, two influential leaders of the EU are Jean-Claude Yonker and Donald Tusk. EU diplomat Michel Bernie led the agreement on behalf of the EU in signing the deal. Bernieke is seen standing behind the two leaders in the photo of the signing ceremony.

The agreement concluded the UK’s long 46-year relationship with the EU on 31 January. The UK will pay £ 33 billion in debt-relief payments. But until December this year, the existing relations with trade as interim arrangements will remain. But there is no longer a UK seat in the EU. That is, after January 31, the British will no longer be able to participate in the coalition’s decision-making process. In this agreement, both sides agreed on critical issues such as the protection of the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and the rights of British nationals living in EU countries, Ireland’s border management. Along with the agreement, a joint political declaration vowed to forge new relations on a variety of issues, including trade, security.

However, there is still the risk of a non-contractual separation. This is because British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced not to extend the interim period. He has prohibited the extension of the law by law. EU leaders say a full agreement on future relations in just 11 months is nearly impossible. EU leaders are also skeptical of the UK’s desire for a free trade agreement. On February 25, EU leaders will make policy decisions about determining future relations. Official talks will begin to determine future relations with the UK.

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