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The smoke of Australian fire will consume the entire world

Australia (INL): A few months of fiery smoke in Australia will soon travel around the world and return to Australia. The smoke of this fire will rotate the globe at least once. Scientists from the US Space Research Organization (NASA) say this. The fire has been burning in the east coast of Australia since last September. So far, 28 people have died in the fire as well as huge losses. The fiery smoke is reaching the Pacific Ocean. NASA says the fires of Australian fires crossed South America during New Year’s Eve, when the skies in the area were smoky. The smoke of the fire swept through almost half of the globe on January 8. According to the recorded data, the fires of Australian fires have risen to 17.7 kilometers. That is, the second level of the five levels of smoke air has reached the stratosphere. NASA has said that once the smoke reaches the stratosphere, it can travel thousands of miles and affect or affect the world’s atmospheric conditions.

NASA also says Australia’s fire has reached dangerous levels in the country’s largest cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra. The smoke of this fire has changed the colors of the South American sky. The impact of the fire dramatically in New Zealand. Air quality deteriorates in this country. The snow on the mountain ranges of the country has different colors. Climate change is being blamed for this year’s unprecedented fire in Australia. Yesterday, the second day of Melbourne’s air quality was in jeopardy for the second time. In recent times, Australia’s weather conditions have been relatively cool, with little rainfall. Despite that, the fire was burning in more than 100 places on the east coast of the country yesterday.

Scientists warn:

Scientists in the UK have warned that in the warmer world, such temperatures may rise in the future as temperatures rise. A preview of this may be Australia’s ongoing fire. That is, the fire will then turn into a normal event. “We are seeing an example of what would be a normal situation in the warmer world of 3 degrees Celsius”, Professor Richard Bates of the UK Met Office Hudley Center on Climate Change said in reference to a fire in the UK. In the research, scientists have considered a total of 57 research papers. In each study, it is suggested that there is a link between climate change to increase burning.


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