Real won the Super Cup in the tiebreaker

Football (INL): The game was hard-fought. The match proceeded on the counter-attack. But there were no goals. After the stipulated time, success was not detected.  In the end, Real Madrid won the tiebreaker. They beat Atletico Madrid 4-1 in the Spanish Super Cup final. Real took 5 shots at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Saudi Arabia on Sunday night. The Spanish giants scored each goal. Dani Carvahal, Rodrigo, Luca Madrich and Sergio Ramos scored the goals. Saul Nigges, on the other hand, disappointed in the first shot for Atletico. Then Thibo Cortua stopped Thomas’ shot. Kiran Trippier later hit the target but to no avail.

The Real Madrid Stars won the Super Cup in the tiebreaker. They took the Super Cup home 11 times. Los Blancara will beat Barcelona if they win two trophies. Zinedine Zidane was tasked with winning the first title as Real’s coach in the second term. In all, they won the 10th trophy in their coaching. Despite failing to score goals in the stipulated and over time, the match was dominated by Real Madrid. But football is a game of goals. Here are the goles is main. However, in that fight, Real’s momentum was enough to defeat rival Atletico. Eventually the victory over the tiebreaker was comforting. Remarkably, this is the first new way the Spanish Super Cup has taken place outside of Spain with four teams. Earlier, it was just a fight between the league and the cup champions.

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