Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Real in the Super Cup final, Barcelona is waiting

Football (INL): Real Madrid have had a great win in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup. They beat Valencia 3-1 in the final of the tournament. Real went down to play at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, January 8, except for a few others. From the start of the match, they gave the offensive game. Los Blancara also found rapid success. They took the lead in the 9th minute with Tony Crews in the lead. The Spanish giants play confident football going forward. As a result, they get the goal. Isco doubled in the 39th minute in a snap attack. He defeated the goalkeeper in the right shot. Real went into the break with a 2-0 lead. They kept the pace of the attack  in the second half. It did not take long for the opponent to open the goal. Luca Modrich scored 3-0 in the 65th minute with a wonderful goal.

Valencia tried to score a goal later. However, they could not disrupt the protection of Real. The Orange finally got the goal in injury time. You could score a consolation goal for a successful spot kick. The referee call the penalty when Sergio Ramos hit the ball in the D-box. So long the two champions of the Spanish League and Cup faced in the Super Cup finals at the start of the new season. But this time, there are 4 teams competing. This year is the first Spanish Super Cup to be held outside Spain. Barcelona and Atletico Madrid will face Saudi Arabia in the second semifinal on Thursday. The final match will be held on January 12.


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