Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Ukraine plane crash kills 176 passengers in Iran

Muddle East (INL): An Ukrainian plane crashed in Iranian capital of Tehran with 176 passengers aboard. Among them were 167 passengers and nine crew members, all of whom died. Iran’s emergency services spokesman Mujtaba Khaledi confirmed to the media the information. The Ukrainian Airlines plane crashed shortly after flying from Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran on Wednesday morning. News from Irna, Reuters and BBC. Ukraine International Airlines’ Boeing-737 model aircraft crashed due to mechanical malfunction, airport officials said. At first, the airline claimed that it had a total of 180 passengers, but later confirmed it was 176.

The aircraft was flown from the Iranian airport to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Shortly after the flight, all its occupants were killed in the crash. The crash has added a new dimension to Iran-US tensions. It is unclear whether the Iran-US conflict has anything to do with the plane crash. The rescue team is on the scene. Iran’s emergency services chief Pir Hussain Kaulivand said the plane caught fire after it crashed. Iran’s top general Qasem Solaimani was killed in a US drone attack in Baghdad on Friday morning. The massacre of this top general of Iran has been engulfed by the people of the country. The entire Middle East is in dire straits now. Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah have vowed to avenge the killings.


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