Brexit bill passed in British Parliament: Brexit will be January 31

Uk News (INL): Boris Johnson became the British Prime Minister for the second time in a December 12 general election victory. He came to power and won the parliamentary vote on the Brexit issue. The EU-Withdrawal Agreement, passed by the Prime Minister in the lower House of Commons on Friday, December 20, passed by 358 votes. As a result, the path to Brexit (exit from the European Union) eased by January 31. Others, including opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, opposed the bill. The bill had 234 votes against the bill in parliament. But as the majority of the Conservative Party of Boris in the British Parliament passed the bill. After the bill is passed in the lower house, there is more controversy over the issue. Brexit bill process will be in place from January 7-9. The bill will become law by January 31, when the bill is passed in the House of Lords.

The BBC says parliamentarians sit in the lower house of the House of Commons on Thursday after the general election in Britain. On this day, Lindsay was selected as the new speaker. On Friday, Boris Johnson raised the bill on the Brexit issue. He said the move was to implement Brexit by January 31 at any price. This parliament is one of the best parliamentarians in the country till date. Because of the stagnation, division and delay, they will not waste time in the country. Boris said his plan would put an end to Brexit’s longevity. He also said there was a vision of a confident future for the UK after Brexit.

The bill was first debated in Parliament on that day. Members of Parliament then voted on the general principles of the bill. The bill also mentioned not to extend the interim exit from the European Union (EU). The government believes that Britain will move to a position only if the interim issue is abolished. Opponents, on the other hand, complained that the bill did not specify what the future of the UK would be. They say it may take time to reach an agreement with the EU.

Analysts say

Unless Britain and the EU reach a free trade agreement within a certain timeframe, the prospect of a non-negotiable Brexit will rekindle. Considering such a situation might happen, the financial markets have already been alarmed, and the value of the pound has dropped in exchange for major currencies.

Due to the complexity of passing the Brexit bill, the Conservative Party, led by Boris Johnson, holds power through advance elections. The conservative party come to power in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s election with the highest number of seats in three decades.

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