North Korea tests two missiles within 10 days

(INL)  North Korea launches a new intercontinental missile test on December 14. As ever, the country has been conducting this test with violating the UN Security Council sanctions. The country says it is a ballistic missile test similar to the one that was run from a submarine before. According to the data provided by Pyongyang, the country is not the first to test the missile. This year’s missile test is more important than ever.

That’s why this missile test is so important

There are many differences with all previous missile tests. One of the major differences is that the missile runs on solid fuels such as coal, charcoal, and peat, where its previous missiles were based on liquid fuel.
Such technology missiles can be launched easily and in very short time. That makes it even harder for the enemy to detect. It is clear that kim Jong Un‘s country is capable of producing such missiles is a major step forward for North Korea.
Pyongyang said the missile launcher was also made in local technology. As a result, the country will reduce its dependence on foreign raw materials for making such machines.

The launching machine was transported to a truck mounted on a chain wheel instead of a conventional tire wheel. That means the missile can be carried anywhere on a steep slope, rather than a conventional route.
The missile was fired using ‘cold eject’ technology. The missile is usually fired in two ways. The missile engine is powered on before it goes out of the launcher. As a result, the excavator is damaged and therefore not suitable for reuse.
But in the ‘cold eject’ method, the missile was first fired with compressed gas, then its engine started. As a result, the throwing platform does not cause any damage and it can be used again.
In the last two years, North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests, and more than 24 intercontinental missile tests. Inside that December 4 conducted a “very important test”. It was less than a week later that the second test was held on December 14. So, North Korea tests two missiles within 10 days. This missile test is indicative of the country’s military progress. That is why North Korea may have been a big test of US President Donald Trump’s foreign policy.

Statement by Trump and US Ambassador Stephen Biegun

US Ambassador Stephen Biegun tells North Korea “We’re here, let’s do this.” He originally called on North Korea to come to the negotiating table. However, North Korea has not clarified anything. The country has set a deadline later this year to sign a new nuclear deal with the United States.
Regarding sanctions on North Korea, US President Donald Trump has said he will not withdraw sanctions unless North Korea stops nuclear programs altogether.
North Korea has said that if the United States does not make an acceptable offer, they can look for new ways. In the current context, multiple North Korea missile tests appear to have closed the door for talks with the United States.


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