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Neymar has filed a new case against Barcelona

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Neymar has filed a new case against Barcelona Football Club. He claimed that 3.2 million euros ($3.6 million) was not yet received from the club.
Neymar left Barcelona on 2017 and joined PSG Paris Saint-Germain F.C. Then the Catalan FC Barcelona was filed a case against him for breach of contract. The Brazilian star Neymar didn’t give up either. He also filed a reverse suit against Barcelona for outstanding bonuses. Neymar made another case against Barca while the case was being processed in court. This time, his claim is 3.2 million euros remuneration.

El-Mundo says Neyma said of the case “Barcelona did not pay his final salary because of his extension bonus claim”.

However, Neymar’s father told Spain’s Radio ‘Canal Sur’ that the new case was part of the previous case. His son’s advisors have been discussing this with Barcelona. Neymar Santos senior also hopes that everything will be resolved well. He himself is Neymar’s adviser. Neymar’s father added ‘Canal Sur’ that, This demand was time to leave the club (Barcelona), Neither Barcelona nor any of us are worried about it. We will solve the issue.

The case starts from where

At that time, Neymar’s Shock Transfer Agreement was signed at PSG with a world record of 222 million euros ($ 250 million). He changed the club in less than a year, though the Spanish club wanted to keep him until 2021.

Neymar has already sued Barcelona for claiming payment of 64.4 million euros. Which he negotiated with the club in 2011 in exchange for extending it until 2021. In September, a Barcelona court heard both sides in the Neymar and Barcelona disputes, but has not yet ruled.

Barcelona say they paid Neymar the first trench for 20.75 million euros before they set sail for PSG. However, the club did not pay him the rest of his money. That’s why Neymar sued for the collection he deserved. Barcelona also filed a counter-claim to pay back Neymar 20.75 million euros.

Will Neymar leave PSG and return to Barcelona?

El Mundo reports that Neymar has demanded a share of last season’s salary from the club to Barcelona. Neymar says Barcelona have breached the terms by promising to pay him the contract. And this is why the PSG star made the new case. Analysts think Neymar is unlikely to return to Bar ।a at the moment.

In addition, Neymar was expected to leave PSG last summer and return to Barcelona. However, he still did not withdraw his claim to Barcelona. Neymar said he would withdrow the case during discussions between the two parties. But that didn’t happen because of not returning to Barcelona. About Neymar’s return to Camp Nou, his father said he still had a PSG contract with him.


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