Boris Johnson’s Conservatives win majority in UK election

UK Election 2019 (INL)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson returns to power in the UK with a huge victory. The result says Boris Johnson’s Conservative party won 364 seats, that’s 46 seats more than 2017. On the other hand, the main rival Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor Party got 203 seats. General elections were held in the UK on Thursday 12 December. Voting ends at 10pm local time. However, just before the vote was over, Booth’s return poll confirmed Boris Johnson’s victory. The survey was conducted by Ipsos Mori, a survey agency for the BBC, Sky and ITV. The forecast was made by analyzing the views of 22,790 voters returning to the booths at 144 polling stations nationwide.


How many seats did all parties get?

This is the biggest victory for the Conservative party since Margaret Thatcher’s third-term victory in 1987, when that survey finally came true. Boris Johnson’s Conservative party won 364 seats. On the other hand the worst results for the Labor team are after 1935. The Labor Party was won 262 seats in the 2017 election. But they lost 59 seats in this election since the last election. The Labor Party won a total of 203 seats in the 2019 elections.

In addition, the Scottish National Party won 48 seats and the Liberal Democrat 11 seats. The Brexit party did not get a seat even though they were looking for a surprise in the election. All other parties also got the remaining 23 seats. Without counting votes in 1 seat.


Speaking of Burris Johnson

In a victory speech, Mr Johnson told the leaders, “We have done it” and this is a “new dawn” for the country. He thanked Labor voters, many of whom voted for the Conservative Party for the first time. He said that he would run a “people’s government” and fulfill the “sacred confidence” placed in him. He added, “People want change … we cannot and we should not disappoint them.”

Labor Party finance minister John McDonald said he was disappointed with the outcome of the election. He said they expected the results to be closer, but the Brexit issue had influenced the election results.

The 650-seat House of Commons requires 326 seats to form a government with a single majority. With the Conservative Party winning 364 seats, they will have sole control of parliament for the next five years. At the same time, the result of this election is the people’s strong judgment of separation from the European Union to the UK. The UK Conservative Party won 43.6% of the parliament’s total seats, with their single rule for the next five years consolidating. Conservatives have been in power in the country since 2010.


Conservative Party’s single majority in the UK Parliament

The ruling Conservatives have failed to implement Brexit in the last three years due to lack of a single majority in parliament and opposition from party lawmakers. That’s why Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for the election to return to power with a single majority. He spoke before the election, saying that he would take Brexit on January 31, when he returns to power.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn said before the election that the election is the only opportunity of the generation to build a just society, ending the Conservative government’s conservative policies for the past ten years. Before the election, Corbin also said he would hold a referendum on the Brexit issue when he came to power. However, with the victory of the Conservative Party, his decision is now worthless.

The general election rules are held in the UK after every five years. But this is the third election in the country in less than five years. In addition, the first winter season is being held after 1974. And this is the second event in December in almost a hundred years of history. Earlier, the country was elected in December 1932. Waiting for polling stations is rare in the UK. But in yesterday’s elections, many seats were seen as voters queuing. People went to the polling station ignoring the intensity of winter and the rain.


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