Woman survives after 6 hours of heart failure

Europe (INL): Audrey Schoeman lived with her husband in Barcelona, ​​Spain. She went out to travel with her husband, Rohan, to the Pyrenees mountains of Spain. They were caught in a snowstorm and Schoeman became very ill in adverse weather. By then the cold had grown so much that Audrey Schoeman was severely infected with Hypothermia. Her hands and feet began to fade in cold, at one point he became unconscious as the breathing stopped. Her husband tried to save her, but her body was getting cold very quickly because of the snow storm. The body temperature was so cold that it felt like an iceberg. There was no vibration in her heartbeat and he could not understand whether her breathing was moving. Audrey Schumann’s husband Rohan thought his wife was dead. Eventually he waited for the emergency service. Emergency members arrived and saw their body temperature measured at 18 degrees Celsius.


Audrey Schoeman’s Medical Treatment 

Rescuers took him to a nearby hospital in Barcelona. The doctors at the hospital did not initially understand whether he was alive or dead. However, when they learned that Audrey Schoeman was suffering from hypothermia, they assumed she had some chance of survival. The doctor removes the blood from his body and then enters the body to perform oxygen on them.
The action of her heart device begins to slowly move when the body temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius. However, six hours have passed. Schoeman’s doctor Eduard Argudo told News Media CNN that, hypothermia was the cause of her death, but that hypothermia was the reason for her survival. Because at a normal temperature, a patient does not survive so long after a heart failure. The coolness of hypothermia helped keep her brain and heart safe.

War and wellness over time

Two days later, Audrey Schoeman’s knowledge returned. But she can’t remember anything that happened these two days. The doctor thought that any part of her body could be paralyzed due to severe hypothermia. However, the faster Schoeman is recovering, the less likely it is. Scumman says he is much healthier now, but some of her hands are not working.

She thanked the doctors for coming back to life and said that, ”It was a miracle but the doctors contributed most to my recovery.”


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