Impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump

Impeachment (INL):

US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered to Impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump. It clearly shows that Trump’s judicial process is moving toward an accusation. However, Trump is not concerned about the impeachment, he welcomed it. He said, “If you want to impact me, hurry up.” Remember: The White House can block all paths to impeachment investigations very quickly. Basically, the election is giving more importance to the President now than the impeachment. Because he is likely to prove himself innocent in the next Senate trial by election. Where the Senate and more members of the judiciary will be in his favor.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s press conference:

Nancy Pelosi confirmed the draft of the Impedance at a news conference Thursday morning. He also said that President Trump saw his personal political interests more than the country. So he stopped giving military aid to Ukraine. His actions have jeopardized national security. Trump also abused his ability to investigate opponents. Here “Trump’s Phone call to Ukraine’s Prime Minister” being told about. This is a threat to US democracy. Judging by his actions, I can see no other way than to begin the act of impeachment.

He also said that I told Gerald Nadler, chairman of the House of Judiciary, to move the investication forward. The next step in the investigation is to draft a prosecution. As the Nancy concluded the press conference, a reporter asked her, “Are you hating Donald Trump?“. He came back in response to the question and saying, “I have no personal conflicts with Donald Trump and I respect him very much as president.” Don’t get me into a debate. We all respect the Constitution and the President is being investigated for contempt of the Constitution. There is no political or personal motive here. We are not happy at all. It’s heartbreaking. Earlier, Nancy Pelosi made such a statement in a news release. She told, The way US President Donald Trump put pressure on Ukraine to endanger political opponents, It’s an act of being accused.

Donald Trump’s lawyer Pat Cipolny says, Trump will not be present at the next investigation into the indictment. They also said that, Democrats have interfered with the investigation into the allegations.

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