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Iran oil price rise, 208 protesters killed

Iran oil price rise, 208 protesters killed:

Iran’s protests are at an extreme stage due to rising fuel prices. The protests began when fuel prices were increased by 50% and so far more than 208 people have been killed in the protests. The movement has continued to rise since the oil price hike of 50 percent on November 16 last month, which has now turned into a panic. The Iranian government took many measures to suppress the protesters, but could not suppress them. According to data from Amnesty International, the international human rights organization, the ongoing protests in Iran have killed more than 208 people so far. However, the exact number of casualties has not yet been determined. But it is certain that this number will not be less than high.

Iran’s goverment rejection of human rights report:

The Iranian government, rejected the report by Amnesty, a London-based human rights organization. But they are a reliable company that always provides the right information. Human rights agencies have also confirmed that according to their estimates, the death toll from Iranian protesters is likely to be higher. The Iran’s home minister has clearly warned in a TV interview on November 16 that the protesters, who have been protesting the rise in Iranian fuel prices. He said that if the protesters did not go out of their way, the army would be forced to take any action on them, and they would be forced to come to peace. This clearly indicates that the Iraqi army has intervened in suppressing the movement.

US CIA agent arrested:

Iranian intelligence agency has arrested six CIA agents from Iran amid ongoing protests. The Iranian intelligence ministry confirmed the matter in a statement on November 27. The Iranian intelligence agency said the persons used to collect journalist identity information in different countries. Basically, they are US CIA members who collect information from different countries and provide it to the CIA. So far, the US CI Intelligence has not commented on members detained in Iran.

What is the future of protesters in the rise of Iranian fuel oil prices?

This 50% increase in the price of fuel oil is a threat to the citizens of any country. And it is an even bigger threat to the Iranian people in the US oil embargo. It is natural that they will not accept it and the protest will go on. But if the Iranian government withdraws from the price hike decision, the protesters will return to peace. But if the government does not do so, the agitation can be turn into more horror.


News by- INL – International News Live

Website: intnewslive.com

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