Messi got the Ballon d’or-2019

Ballon d’or-2019 (INL): Lional Messi got the Ballon d’or-2019. Messi, Ronaldo and Van Dijk fans all worried about who would win the Ballon d’Or award. All fans wanted to win the first prize of their favorite player, Ballon d’Or, but it was only Messi that got the chance. With the Ballon d’Or Golden Trophy in hand, Messi kissed and cheered. All the Messi fans at the Paris Theater du Chalet were cheering loudly. Many people saying that Liverpool star Van Dijk would receive the first prize. But he has to be happy with the second prize.
However, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fans had high hopes for him. They too wanted their favorite star to win the first prize, but he was happy to receive the third prize.
Their moment of rejoicing together was something to behold after winning the Ballon d’Or Award 2019.

Lional Messi saying,

Messi thanks the journalists who voted for him and his teammates who collaborated on the prize.

Liverpool star Van Dijk saying,

“I never thought I would be up for a Ballon d’Or until I was actually nominated,” said Van Dijk. “It shows a lot about how my career has been. My career has been different from the winner here, I came late, but I never gave up on my dreams.” I had to work hard every step of the way, so to be here makes me very proud. And I want to work hard and be here again next year. “

However, Liverpool coach Clock was a little more optimistic about Van Dijk. He told Reuters, “If you give a balloon d ‘to the best player of his generation, you always give it to Lionel Messi,”
Klopp added, “If you give it to the best player last season, it was Virgil van Dijk.

Getty said, “I just don’t know how it will work but I can see it.” If it is for the best player, the best player at all, and above all, it is Lionel, (but if it is) the best player from last season, (but it is ) Virgil. We’ll see. ”

Eventually everyone was put to an end, Messi became the first best player to win the Ballon d’Or-2019 Golden Ball, Van Dijk was the second best player, and Cristiano Ronaldo was the third best player.

News by- INL – International News Live