Trump visits Afghanistan on Thanksgiving

On the 28th of November, Donald Trump traveled to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving. He made this trip without any advance announcement. His attendance at Bagram Airfield was so small, that in a short time he completed all the activities there. There he served soldiers’ turkeys, had dinner with them and took pictures. He also met Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

“We had a negotiation with the Taliban, but they want a deal,” Trump told the troops. Without an end to war with them, it would be impossible to enforce the agreement. He added that at present, there are fewer army-free units in Afghanistan than at any time, but the army numbers will be reduced in the future. However, he did not know when that would be done.

I believe it will work very well “

After the 1th September 2001, attacks in the United States, the United States ousted Osama bin Laden from power. The US Army has been stationed there for three years since then. Under their supervision, the Afghan Defense Forces conduct their security operations. So far, more than 13,000 American military personnel are stationed there.

Two Thousand Afghan Taliban members detained at different times are imprisoned. Trump talked to an Afghan Taliban prisoner about peace talks. However, the Taleban are not finished now, with more territory now ruling than ever. Earlier this month, two Western educators were released from Raleigh militants, and two Taliban were released in exchange for them.
“We had discussions with the Taliban but they were not willing to break the war. But now they have agreed to a ceasefire. I believe it will work very well “.

Trump spoke at a nearby base in Kabul

However, it is not clear how far the talks have progressed since the assassination of IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi some time ago The Taliban leaders are unwilling to hold any talks with the Afghan govern. ment or the United States until a US agreement is reached. However, the US military said they had a meeting with Taliban leaders two weeks ago. But there has been no formal discussion on the matter.

What else happened in the visit?

Trump traveled to Afghanistan in secret with great secrecy to protect him. Departing at midnight the previous day, and arriving there the next day, at 10.35pm. White Hawes said he avoids Twitter messages while he travels to ensure confidentiality of the trip. The US Joint Chief of Staff, Mark Milly, welcomed him when Trump reached Afghanistan. During the Thanksgiving Party, he said, “There can be no better place than this, where the strongest, best, and brave warriors are in the earth.”

What happened to the peace talks?

Trump was scheduled to hold a meeting with Taliban leader and Afghan street leader Ghani at the US military camp near Kabul in September. But the discussion was broken. And two ordinary civilians, including an American soldier, have been killed in a Taliban attack two days ago. In doing so, Trump said, “This nation does not have the capacity to squeak. If they had agreed to it, they would have stopped the war. ”
Afghan preacher Ghani said the prisoners exchanged in Amasa were for facilitating peace talks. However, the Taliban did not agree with the Guinea administration on the issue. They defended the current Afghan government as a puppet government run by the United States.

News by- INL – International News Live